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The Galt House Hotel – A Legendary Destination among Hotels in Louisville, KY

When it comes to hotels, the Galt House Hotel has never been a fan of chains! You have a lot of choices on where to stay, but you deserve a hotel as distinctive as you!

Family owned and operated, the Galt House Hotel’s name has long been associated with gracious hospitality and a unique southern flair amongst hotels in Louisville, Kentucky and the southwest region. The one thing the Galt House Hotel cannot be called is boring. Why stay at a chain when you can stay local!

Want More? Find Out on What Makes the Galt House Hotel Unique
In the early 1800s, the original Galt House was a residence owned by Dr. W.C. Galt. In 1835, a 60 room hotel was opened as the Galt House Hotel across the street from the residence at the northeast corner of First and Main.

In 1865, the hotel was destroyed by fire; but within weeks, noted architect R. Whitestone began plans and construction a block away from the original site. The new Galt House Hotel opened in 1869 and operated until 1919, and was later razed in 1921.

Over half of a century later, in 1972, the Galt House Hotel was reestablished by developer Al J Schneider as part of Louisville's Riverfront Urban Renewal Project. Carpenter by trade, he built the 25 stories high RIVUE Tower on the banks of the Ohio River featuring beautiful handcrafted woodworking.  The Galt House Hotel continued to expand with the creation of the SUITE Tower in 1984.  Still to this day, the Galt House Hotel remains Louisville’s only waterfront hotel.

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The Galt House Hotel was green and eco-friendly before it was cool! It contains one of the largest Geo Thermal heating and air conditioning systems in the world.